CPHC Weekly News

It’s beginning to look a lot like winter is finally arriving in Colorado. Hopefully that little bit of snow this morning didn’t cause you any headaches, and put you in a festive mood. After all, this Saturday is our December club meeting, and that’s always a fun and festive party! I know that I personally can’t wait to see all my Parrot Head phriends again after missing the meeting last month!

Club Meeting This Saturday, 12/16

Our December club meeting takes place this Saturday, December 16 at 6pm at Hopper’s. This is our final meeting of 2017, and you won’t want to miss it!

We have a lot to celebrate this month!
This month we have lots to celebrate — Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and of course, Jimmy Buffett’s birthday! Jimmy was born on Christmas day, as if you didn’t already know that! This year he will be turning 71, though we all know that he’s still a kid at heart!!

Each year we use our December meeting to celebrate Jimmy’s birthday while also raising money and stuff for charity. Yep, it’s yet another way we Party with a Purpose! We like to think of this month’s meeting as a celebration of all we’ve accomplished this year.. so come ready to party! Ugly holiday sweaters and tacky tropical attire is encouraged!

This Month’s Raffle

We know that most of you won’t be attending Jimmy’s actual birthday party this year, but you can still get a little gift for his birthday and donate it to our monthly charity raffle! This month’s raffle will feature donated gifts from all of YOU, our club members! While bringing a gift is optional, we hope you consider picking up something to join in the phun! If you bring a gift we’ll even give you one free raffle ticket, so you may just win something awesome to take home!

How the mystery gift raffle works
Just like any other raffle, we will be selling tickets at the meeting for $1 each, or 6 tickets for $5. You do not need to bring a gift to buy tickets, anybody can win. Then, if you hear your number called as a winner, you will get to come up and pick one gift from any of the wrapped items on our raffle table. We often see fun tropical gifts, holiday items, silly or fun gifts, and of course lots of booze! No shaking or fondling the packages is allowed… once you touch it, it’s yours! You never really know what you may get, but that’s all part of the fun!

The important thing to remember…
… is that this raffle is more about giving than receiving. When you donate a gift and/or purchase tickets, you are giving back to Parrot Heads just like you who need our help. That’s because the proceeds from this month’s raffle will go to our own Parrot Head in Paradise 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the Lone Palm Foundation. The Lone Palm Foundation is there to help Parrot Head members who need financial support due to emergencies or natural disasters. Just this year they helped a LOT of fellow Parrot Heads affected by hurricanes. In honor of Jimmy’s birthday, we are giving back to the Lone Palm Foundation this month so they can continue to be ready and able to help when the next emergency strikes. You can learn more about the Lone Palm Foundation at their website, lonepalmfoundation.org/

So while we hope everyone who brings a gift or buys a ticket is a big winner, we know it doesn’t always work out that way. Just know that even if you don’t win something awesome, you still did something great by giving back.

Others Ways to Give This Month

In addition to bringing a gift for our raffle, we will also be accepting unwrapped toys for donation this month on behalf of Toys For Tots. Bring an unwrapped toy for a child of any age, and we’ll deliver it to a local Toys For Tots drop-off location for you. We’ll even give you another extra raffle ticket for your toy donation!

That’s all the news for this week

I will see you all this Saturday at Hoppers! In case I miss you there, or don’t get another chance to say it, I hope you all have a Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and/or a happy whatever else you may celebrate. In short, just be happy! Cheers!

Fins up!