Are you wondering if you have what it takes to be a member of the Colorado Parrot Head Club? We have a few questions that can help you determine if you’re ready to be a part of our CPHC phlock! Ask yourself…

Are you growing older but not up?
Is there almost always booze in your blender?
Is your favorite meal a cheeseburger in paradise?
Do you enjoy boat drinks, even during the coldest Colorado winters?
Is your closet full of Hawaiian shirts and flip-flops?
Do you feel like a you’re a pirate, born 200 years too late?
Do you long for a time and a place to act like a fool?

Are you searching for your lost your shaker of salt?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you’re a full-fledged Parrot Head and should immediately join the Colorado Parrot Head Club phlock!

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The Benefits of Membership

Colorado Parrot Head Club members like to have fun! By joining our club you’ll be part of a social network of like-minded Parrot Heads who realize that Colorado may be 1000 miles from the ocean, but Margaritaville is a state of mind!

By joining our club you’ll be making new friends who share the laid-back, Jimmy Buffett attitude. You’ll also be eligible to participate in club events, such as parties, house concerts, and our annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade float.

As an active member of the Colorado Parrot Head Club you will make new friends who share the laid-back, Jimmy Buffett attitude. You’ll also be eligible to participate in club events such as parties, house concerts and the Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade and other club events. Generally speaking, a single membership will give you the opportunity to get 2 tickets/wristbands for events, while a couple or family membership give you the opportunity to have up to 4 tickets/wristbands.

Please understand, tickets and event entry is based on availability. There is no guarantee of a concert, group seats or tickets for any event. 

Your Colorado Parrot Head Club membership also makes you a member of the international organization of Parrot Heads in Paradise (PHiP). Throughout the world PHiP charter clubs provide fun social activities for their members, and give back to their community through local and national service projects. This membership gives you the opportunity to participate in Meeting of the Minds, the international convention of Parrot Heads, held each November in Key West. This four-day event is filled with music and fun, and you must be an active Parrot Head club member to attend.

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Membership Options & Dues

Membership is open to anyone and everyone interested in combining community service with fun! We have two membership pricing options:

Membership Rates 2016

Your annual membership dues help us sponsor social events for our club members and fun events to raise money for charity. Dues are based on a standard calendar year, January through December. If you join in November or December, your membership will be active the remainder of the current year plus the following year.

Your membership fee is not deductible as a charitable contribution for Federal income tax purposes.

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Ready to Join our Phlock?

Joining is as easy! You can join online, by mail, or in person at one of our monthly club meetings. Click the links below to join the club or to get details to join at our next monthly club meeting.

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Attend a Club Meeting

If you have any additional questions about membership, please email us at .