Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade Info

PLEASE READ ENTIRE EMAIL FOR DETAILS!!! I included all details in last week’s email and there were still a lot of people questioning where to park, what time to be there, etc… so please read this entire email.

We had a great turnout for the float build over the weekend. Thank you to all who helped. The float survived the big blizzard this week!!

Please remember to pick up candy and/or beads to hand out to the kiddos along the parade route. The club has purchased some beads, but there won’t be enough for the full parade route. Bring a bucket or bag, etc to carry your beads and/or candy in.. there won’t be room to store it on the float.

We built the S.S. Minnow crashing into the Cliffs of Moher! Seven stranded castaways, here on Gilligan’s Isle!! I hope the costumes look as great as they always do! Looking forward to all the “Gilligan’s Island” costumes, or your general Parrot Head/St Patrick’s costumes! Gilligan’s Island Costumes, Parrot Head or St Patrick’s attire are requirement to walk in the parade.

The judging for the parade will be different this year. There will be no formal parade judges this year. This year judging is by the public. Go to the website for a link to the voting system. Encourage people along the route and your family and friends to visit the site and vote for their favorites… which of course will be the Colorado Parrot Head Club!!

Denver St. Patrick’s Parade Day Information

Parade – Saturday March 16, 2019

Where to go on Parade Day?
Our staging area is in the Coors Field Parking lot. If you are marching with us, please be at the float by 8:30am on Saturday morning. You can enter the staging area at 33rd and Blake. (There is NO PARKING in the staging area. See details below for parking.) We will be in Lot A, Unit 1-19. We are in the first group.

Where do I park on Parade Day?
Finding parking can be challenging, so we encourage you to carpool, take Uber or Lyft, or take the light rail if you can. There is parking in the Coors Field Parking Garage, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Enter this parking garage at 27th and Blake. The garage will only be open from 7am to 9am. It will be VERY busy on parade day.. so we recommend you arrive early.

How should I dress for the parade?
Our Float theme is “Gilligan’s Island” where the SS Minnow has crashed into the Cliffs of Moher and the 7 stranded castaways are stranded on the West Coast of Ireland! There are no specific costume requirements, however we do want everyone marching with us to be festive. So, please dress up as your favorite Castaway, or in your favorite St Patrick’s outfits, or wear your best Parrot Head gear… or combine all 3! Whatever you do.. please don’t put on a green t-shirt and think you’re done. We want everyone to see how fun and festive the Colorado Parrot Heads can be!!

What are the Parade Rules?
You can read all the rules at the link above. Please review and familiarize yourself with all the rules before parade day. Based on prior years, the items that most need repeating are:

1) DO NOT throw ANYTHING! You may hand candy and beads to spectators but no THROWING is allowed. Doing this will get us disqualified. We had some people in our group last year throwing beads into the crowd, PLEASE do NOT do that again this year. I’m not sure if anyone noticed.. but the float behind ours last year was pulled out of the lineup because they were throwing candy into the crowd.

2) DO NOT over-indulge on alcoholic beverages before the parade, and no visible alcohol along the parade route. This is a family event, so save the hard partying for after the parade. (and remember.. there are no bathrooms along the way!)

3) While marching, please move quickly and stay with our group. Do not hold up the participants behind us.

Who can Participate?
Any active CPHC members who have wristbands can march with us. We will also be giving out a hand stamp on the day of the parade for those who are drinking… after we check IDs. Anyone with a wrist band and a hand stamp can participate in our pre and post parade adult beverages.

What about guests?
We are not selling extra wristbands for guests, so you only get what you are allotted based on your membership. If you want to bring a guest on one of your allotted wristbands, remember 2 VERY important conditions:
1) You are totally responsible for them and their behavior. Keep them in line before, during and after the parade. If they fall out of line, that will reflect on you.
2) Guests still need to dress up for the event same as members if they will be marching with our club. Help them get properly “decorated” and decked out for the occasion.

What if I haven’t joined/renewed/gotten a wristband?
If you still need to join or renew, do so now. You will need to be a paid member no later than midnight on Thursday, March 14, 2019 if you want to participate in the parade with us. If you haven’t gotten your wristband, we will have them available on Friday between noon and 2pm at the site of the float build (5461 Marshall Street, Arvada). Otherwise, please find Robin Reed when you arrive at the staging area. Be patient.. she may be busy, so you may have to wait.

What does the wristband get me?
It allows you to march in the parade with our group. It also means you can enjoy some of our pre and post parade adult beverages… assuming you are 21 or older. We will check IDs and give you a hand stamp. The wristband and hand stamp will tell our volunteer servers that you may have drinks. We will have water available as well.

What essentials should I bring on parade day?
Yourself, your wristband, your ID and cash. The cash is to tip our hard working volunteer truck driver, who donates his or her time (unpaid) to haul our float. That is all you really need to bring. Please only bring what you NEED, because we will not have space on the float to carry everyone’s extra stuff.

Handouts for the crowd?
The club has purchased some beads to hand out, but it won’t be enough for the full route. As always, we appreciate volunteers who wish to bring additional beads or wrapped candy to hand out. Bring your own bag or bucket to carry your handouts. Remember – YOU CANNOT THROW ANYTHING!! All items must be handed to the spectators. Failure to follow this rule will cause us to be disqualified and we will be forced to leave the parade.

Will we have beer/drinks/jello shots on parade day?
Of course we will! We will have beer, rum punch and margaritas available to members with wristbands AND a hand stamp. Both will be required in order to partake in the adult beverages before and after the parade. We will start pouring in the staging area once the float is ready to go… probably around 9:00. We will not offer refills during the parade route. No exceptions. As a rule, alcohol consumption is NOT allowed during the parade. That being said, no one will check what is in your Red Solo Cup, if you don’t give them reason to, so get a refill before you start marching. Members are encouraged to bring and share Jello-Shots, but DO NOT give them to ANY parade spectators or to individuals outside our group.

Will there be food available at the staging area?
No, we will not have food available, so please eat a good breakfast before you come. NOTE: The Fainting Goat will NOT be offering the full Irish breakfast as they have in years past. They will be having a brunch at 10am this year instead… details below.

Can I ride the float?
As always, we have a very limited number of spots available to ride on the float. We only have space for people who NEED to ride, but we need to know how many of you that is, so please contact Robin Reed to let her know that you need to ride. If you’re able to walk, we appreciate you walking to make space for those who need to ride.

Are kids welcome?
Yes! Kids over the age of 5 can walk with us in the parade. Kids under 5 cannot march, so they need to be in strollers, wagons, etc. There will not be children allowed on the float.

Do you need volunteers on Parade Day?
Always! We will have a lot of finishing touches to be done in the staging area, so come early and ask to help out. We’ll let you know what help is needed.

What do I need to be aware of during the parade?
First and foremost.. watch out for the truck and trailer, especially when they are making a turn. Keep a safe distance. Also, watch out for fellow Parrot Heads and let myself, Robin or one of the bartenders on the float know if you see anyone in distress, or someone who may have over indulged too much. One drunken Parrot Head can ruin the fun for everyone… so please keep an eye out for each other.

Where are we meeting after the parade?
We will be drinking in the parking lot for a while after the parade, but then the party moves to The Fainting Goat (846 Broadway, Denver). The Fainting Goat is our float sponsor again this year, so stop by for some drinks, food and to thank them for their continued sponsorship and support. Parking can be limited around there, but there are plenty of metered spaces nearby. Better yet.. be safe and smart..take an Uber or a Lyft!

What happens when this is all over?
As always, our incredible float is built for just a one time use. It’s sad.. I know. We will be tearing it down on Sunday, March 17. If there is any part to the float you’d like to keep, let us know before Sunday and we’d be happy to take a donation for the piece you’d like to keep. We will be dismantling the float on March 17, in the build location (see email for address). We need a lot of help to tear down and get everything off the property that day, and so Duffy’s can take the trailer. Please join us for the tear down, beginning at 9am. It usually only takes a couple of hours.

If you have questions on anything or think of something I haven’t covered, please email

Brunch at The Fainting Goat:
Instead of the breakfast before hand, The Fainting Goat will be having a brunch beginning at 10am. They will have Corned Beef and Cabbage, Guinness battered fish and chips, Burgers and other great specialties along with $4 Coors and Coors Light drafts and a ton of other drink specials featuring Guinness, Jamison and Tullamore Dew!

*Our sponsor again this year, is The Fainting Goat. They have been very gracious again this year with sponsoring the float and providing the beer for the parade. There will be a big “flocking” at The Fainting Goat after the parade!

Let’s all have a great parade! See you Saturday!!

Fins Up!!