Hello Parrotheads. Fall is just around the corner. It seems we haven’t have much of a summer this year.. with this Summer of Suck. No concerts, limited summer vacations, no baseball games…but we sure have had some hot dry weather!

We can’t meet at Hoppers for our regular meetings, but we can still have house concerts outside at Pete’s.. where we can practice social distancing! We have a GOOD ONE coming up this weekend, I hope you can all join us!!

Thanks to all who joined us for the Steve Hopper show. Steve was great! The show was a lot of fun. We didn’t have many in attendance, but Steve was greatly appreciative for the support from the Colorado Parrothead Club!

2020 Pete’s Summer Concert Series

August 29 – Thom Shepherd and Coley McCabe!
Where – Pete’s House (5461 Marshall St, Arvada)
Time 5:00pm

Admission is $20 per person – with all proceeds going to the musicians.
Bring your own food and beverage of choice.
Bring your own chair.

As most of you have heard, Thom just had vocal cord surgery on 24-Aug at Vanderbilt Medical Center, to remove 2 polyps. Thom will not be able to speak or sing at the show, but he will be there playing guitar, as the beautiful, Coley McCabe sings. They have had to cancel a lot of shows, and were greatly affected during the quarantine, so please come out to support our phriends, Thom and Coley!

Prior to the concert, Thom will be doing a small art show., starting at 5. For those who haven’t seen his work, check out his Facebook page and his Forever Home Pet Portraits. Thom is an amazing artist.. and will have some of his work on display and will take orders for personal pet portraits!
We hope to see everyone there!!

Sept 6 – The Landsharks CANCELLED!

The Landsharks had another private event in Colorado, that was canceled at the last minute, so they are not able to do our show. We’ll work on getting them here next year.

Sept 5. Pete’s Annual Labor Day Bash
The headliner will be the Groove Time Sitters!
Saturday – Sept. 5, 4pm
Since the Landsharks will not be here on the 6th, Pete decided to have his annual Labor Day party again. He has held this Labor Day party for the past 20 years (at his expense). He wasn’t going to have it this year because of the Landsharks show on the 6th.. but now..since the Landsharks have cancelled, his big Labor Day bash is back on!!
There is no charge for this event.

The first band goes on at 4pm
Groove Time Sitters will start at 6pm!

Things are different this year, so we can’t share food, so no pig roast. Please bring your own food and drink, and a chair if you have one.

There is plenty of room to social distance in Pete’s yard and masks are encouraged.

PHIP Membership benefits!!

On Friday, May 29, a new PHiP Members Only portal was opened, and all PHiP members get discounts for various things. See the “Member Benefits” section at https://www.phip.com/

When you open up the portal, your Parrot Head Club Member Benefit Lies waiting behind door number 3!!

Here is the important part: This is YOUR benefit for being part of a Parrot Head Club! Please don’t share these benefits on social media or to the public. Over time passwords will change and will be sent to all leaders via direct email to keep these special deals available for all of our PHiP club members.

In order to get the password, please contact me, and I will provide the password to those who are members in good standing.

When you log into the PHiP portal, on the left side, you will see a link to the Margaritaville store where you see all the details on how to receive your 15% off online discount! Margaritaville is going to monitor the log-in traffic to ensure only PHiP club members are logging in. All the details about the discount can be found at https://www/phip.com/awards

This is just the beginning and know that these discounts take time to develop and get online for you, but there are currently more PHiP Member Benefits in the pipeline coming very soon!!

I know we all want to get back in the water without the COVID fins swimming around…so maybe a little summer incentive as a member of a Parrothead Club would help!

SALTLIFE!!! Yes…you read that right. If you like SaltlLife gear, clothes, stickers, hats…as a club member you can now get 25% off of your order with this limited time coupon code! Just go to www.SaltLife.com…shop all you want…and when you check out apply the code and you will get 25% off of your order.

Contact me, and I’ll give our members the “super secret” code to get your discount.

It’s just that simple and a perk for being part of our phamily! Please be courteous…do not post or share outside your membership or on social media. This is for you for being part of PHiP and we want to bring you more!

Club T-shirts!!

We still have plenty of t-shirts for our 25th Anniversary!!! We have quite an assortment of colors (Pink, as shown below, Black, Butter Yellow, Caribbean Blue, Steel Gray, Periwinkle, Salmon and Sea Foam Green). We have a wide variety of sizes, and both men’s and lady’s cut shirts (lady’s cut are only available in pink). The one shown below is a lady’s cut, with both front and back pictured.

Please contact Robin or Pete to arrange getting your cool new club shirt! The cost is $30 each. (if you can’t pick one up, drop a check in the mail to us and please add $5 per shirt for shipping.)

The t-shirts are stored at Pete’s house, so give Pete a call if you want to stop by and pick up a shirt or 2, plus we will have them at all the club meetings.

Misc. Events

SOB Music Fest!!!
If 2020’s got you running around in circles and you need a break, join Mike Nash in Mexico, October 8-12, and escape the madness!! Mike has put together the South of the Border Music Festival! (SOB Music Fest). Join Mike and Melissa in beautiful Rocky Point, Mexico for a weekend of great music, food, drinks, and some incredible bars! It’s a Key West feel for a quarter of the price!

For information on this please go to http://www.SOBMexico.com/
Or email Melissa at http://melissa@southerndrawlband.com

Jeff Dunham is coming to the 1ST BANK Center
(Broomfield Events Center).

The SHOW IS MOVED TO December 12, 2020!!
Several in our group are interested in going, so we checked into group tickets. They don’t really have a group ticket sales up there, and we were not able to get a large group of tickets, but we did manage to get a few. We have a very limited number, so we will sell them on a first come first serve basis. The cost is $75 each. Sorry we can’t accommodate everyone, but there are still tickets for sale, so if you’d like to go, and can’t fit into our limited number, please buy some tickets online. It will be a very fun night. “Jeffafa” is a SUPER funny!

Contact Robin if you’d like to buy tickets.


Don’t forget to check in on Gary and Bonnie Dickinson and their travels at their BLOG and follow their adventures at:

Fins up!

Parrot Head President, Pe