Hello and Happy New Year!

It’s your (now) former Prez, Jeff. I just wanted to send one final newsletter this week for old time’s sake… and to thank you for all your support during my term the last three years. For those of you who have asked, no, Chris and I aren’t going anywhere. We’ll be sticking around so you’ll still see us at meetings and events… whether you want to or not! 

Beginning today, Pete Grosskreuz is assuming the helm of our club. Pete is really excited to be charting the course and I’m excited too. Pete and his new krewe have some fun ideas for the club. Please give him lots of help and support as he takes on this new role.

And now, for this week’s news… 

January Events

Thom & Coley Are Back!

Thom Shepherd and Coley McCabe are coming back to Colorado this month, and you’ve got two opportunities to see them.

Thom & Coley House Concert at Susan and Al Eckman’s
Saturday, January 12

Susan and Al Eckman are hosting Thom & Coley for a house concert on Saturday, January 12, and CPHC members are invited to attend. You won’t want to miss this chance to see these amazing artists in an intimate venue. Admission is $20 at the door (to pay the band). BYO beverage and a side dish to share with the group.

Thom & Coley at SomePlace Else Brewery
Sunday, January 13

You have a second chance to see 2018 Trop Rock Music Awards Songwriter of the year, Thom Shepard, along with the amazing Coley McCabe at SomePlace Else in Arvada on Sunday, January 13 at 6pm. The cover charge is $20 per person. Bring a side dish to share for our potluck. There will be no outside alcohol allowed at this event. Instead, enjoy some beers from SomePlace Else!

For more information on both shows, visit our CPHC Members Group on Facebook. If you’re a club member and not already a part of this private CPHC group page, head over and join the group today!

Membership Renewal Reminder

Have you renewed your membership for 2019?

If you haven’t already renewed now is the time. You need to renew this month to keep your membership active. You can renew online at https://coloradoparrotheadclub.org/renew/, If nothing has changed in your membership level or personal information, you can use the “Quick Renew” option to pay your dues by credit or debit card quickly. You can also mail your renewal check or renew at our next meeting. Checks should be made out to the Colorado Parrot Head Club. Renewal fees are $30 for individuals or $40 for couples. All the information and options you need to renew can be found at https://coloradoparrotheadclub.org/renew/, so check it out. 

Until we have an updated renewal form, you can continue to send your check renewals to the address listed on the application and website, which comes to me. I’ll pass any renewals I receive on to Pete. We’ll get that info updated online soon. 

Thanks for an AWESOME 2018!

Parrot Heads, you totally rocked in 2018.

Before I hand this newsletter task over to Pete & the new leadership team, I wanted to send a big THANK YOU to all of our members for the great work you did in 2018. This past year was incredible, and one of our most successful ever. Our club donated $25,494 to various local and national charities in 2018, and that doesn’t even account for all the food, toys, pop-tops, peanut butter and coats you’ve donated during the year. In all sincerity, our club wouldn’t be this successful without each of you. Pat yourself on the back for a great year! Now let’s see if we can do even more good in 2019!

Well, that’s officially it for me, I’m handing the wheel over to Pete! Look for future communications to come from him & his crew starting soon.

Thanks again for all the fun times. Let’s keep having PHUN in the new year! Finally, don’t forget to keep those FINS UP! 

Jeff Estes