Denver St. Patrick’s Day Float Update

The 1st float build weekend is upon us… and so is the SNOW!  So, we are going to cancel the build this weekend.  The weather looks like it should be good on Wednesday, so if anyone can come out and help on Wednesday, we’ll be working on the float then.  Let’s all hope for better weather next weekend!    

Remember, when you do come out, please bring hand tools, tape measures, etc. if you have them.  Bring work gloves and wear old clothes and shoes that can get muddy. If we get the snow that is predicted.. it will be muddy.

Fingers crossed for decent weather the weekend of the 9&10 and the16th for the big day!  Work on those costumes and we hope to see some of you on Wednesday.

Don’t forget to start stocking up on candy and beads to pass out to the kiddos along the parade route!

General Info:

Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade
March 16 (more details to come)

Float Build

March 2&3  CANCELED
March 9&10 9:00am until ??

We’ll be building the float at my house again – see your emailed newletter if you need the address.

Feel free to bring your own food, or food to share.  We’ll have tables set out for the food.

Fins Up!