Denver St. Patty’s Day Float Update

The 1st float build weekend is upon us… and it looks like SNOW!  Some news reports say it is supposed to snow like a “mother flocker,” while other news reports say only a few inches.  In any case.. if it does snow, we won’t be building a float on Saturday.  If anyone is available to help on Friday, we’ll be starting on Friday around 10am, to try to get some of the float built before the snow starts flying.  

We’ll be building the S.S. Minnow crashing into the Cliffs of Moher! Seven stranded castaways, here on Gilligan’s Isle!!  (I hope everyone is singing the song now)  Keep working on the awesome costumes for “Gilligan’s Island” or your general Parrot Head/St Patrick’s costumes!  Gilligan’s Island Costumes, Parrot Head or St Patrick’s attire are requirement to walk in the parade.  I am always impressed by the creativity of this group.

If it does not snow on Saturday we will have the float build.  If it is not snowing on Sunday, we will have the float build.  That being said, please bring work gloves, hand tools, tape measures, etc. if you have them.  Wear old clothes, there will be mud at the site if it does snow.  We’ve shoveled from the past snow storms and have tried to keep it dry with tarps, but it may still be muddy.  

Also.. please start stocking up on candy and beads to pass out to the kiddos along the parade route!

General Info:

Float Build

March 2&3 9:00am until ?? (if no snow)
March 9&10 9:00am until ??

We’ll be building the float at my house again. See your club newsletter for the full address.

Feel free to bring your own food, or food to share.  We’ll have tables set out for the food.

Fins Up!