Hello and Happy Friday!

I am so sorry I missed sending out a newsletter last week before the meeting! Work keeps getting in the way and learning the ropes of the Parrot Head Club Administration, have kept me VERY busy. Now, it seems to be settling down, so I will be better about sending newsletters. 

Thank you for all who attended last week’s January meeting!  We raised $400 for My Fairy Dawg Mother!  They are a local dog rescue, with no shelters… it is all in home fostering.  Our $400 was a significant donation to them, so thank you all so much!  

I’d like to give a special thank you to our new secretary, Karen Bell. She has taken over the role of CPHC Secretary and Social Media Marketing Director.  I couldn’t have done all of this work in January without her help. Thank you, Karen.. you are the BEST!

Thank you to Brian and Gary for our always wonderful entertainment at the meetings!  

There aren’t any activities planned until 16-Feb.  That is our Colorado Avalanche game day and February Club Meeting at Hoppers.   I delegated all of the work for the Avalanche Day to Karen. She did a fantastic job working with the Avalanche back office and securing a bunch of tickets at a group rate for us.  Announcements about our group events will be mostly done through the Club’s Facebook page, so keep your eye out for more!

It’s about that time of year again for the St Patrick’s Day Parade!  The truck and trailer have been scheduled.  Our parade committee had a very successful meeting last week. The Denver Parade Committee has still not announced a theme for the parade, but we have some ideas for the float we think will work with about any theme they come up with. Stay tuned for float build details… and save the date of Saturday March 16 for the parade!

Next weekend is the Lone Star Luau, in Marble Falls, Texas!  Some of our favorite performers will be there. Thom and Coley, Peter and Brendon Mayer, Donny Brewer, Drop Dead Dangerous, Sunny Jim, Aaron Scherz and many more.  Robin and I will be there, so if any of you will be there, let me know!  The event is almost sold out, but there are still a few tickets available at lonstarluau.com.  It will be a great time!  

I think that’s about all the news for now!  

Fins up!  

Parrot Head Pres.  Pete!