Thanks to everyone who came out to our Float Planning meeting a couple of weeks ago. We had a lot of wonderful ideas. The 2019 Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade overall theme is the “Irish Heritage.” We got the theme recently, and had already come up with a float idea and plans… so we’ve worked our idea into “Irish Heritage.”

The theme of the float this year will be “Gilligan’s Island.” Where the SS Minnow has crashed into the Cliffs of Moher…Featuring the Parrot Heads stranded on the coast of Ireland. Ireland is an Island…Gilligan is an Irish name, right??

For the parade, start putting together costumes of any character from “Gilligan’s Island” or Irish Parrot Head attire! We need Gilligans, Skippers, The Howell’s, (Thurston and Lovey), Professors, Gingers and of course Mary Anns!


Denver St Patrick’s Parade
March 16  (more details to come)

Float Build
March 2 & 3 9:00 am until ??
March 9 & 10 9:00 am until ??

We’ll be building the float at my house again – see your member newsletter for the address.

Feel free to bring your own food, or food to share.  We’ll have tables set out for the food.

Fins Up!